Our tried and tested products comply with the international IEC standards and with the relevant national standards. They are manufactured in conformity with the highest quality requirements, and our quality management is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.


Our profession is the development and manufacture of products suitable for the entire electrical power distribution system in industry, within the power supply grid and in buildings. We also provide customized solutions for specific customer applications.


We offer to our customers specialised technical consulting tailored to their specific applications. Our more than 100 years of experience and technical know-how, including knowledge of specific national requirements worldwide, provide a solid basis of competence that spans from the consulting phase to manufacture and subsequent customer service. We remain permanently available to our customers by means of our extensive service network - in Germany, Europe and other countries of the world. The data sheets, the dxf drawings and the product news are available for you around-the-clock on your homepage

Current distribution for industrial applications

Our current distribution components are used for electrical power supply in industrial applications, large buildings, office centres, factories, ships, airports and everywhere where protection against overload is essential. For switchgear and controlgear panel builders, we are setting new standards with our SASIL and COSMO distribution systems.

Power distribution for electricity supply companies

The “Power Distribution” product line covers all the requirements of electricity supply companies world-wide. The field of application is the public power supply system, including current distribution all the way from power station to house service connection.

System electronics

Our “Powerlizer” product family provides system electronics for energy management. The “Powerlizer” range covers the full spectrum of products required for the acquisition, display, monitoring and evaluation of measurement data in the field of power distribution for industrial applications and the public power supply network.


Jean Müller was founded in 1897 on the banks of the Rhine River in Germany. At this time the applications for electricity were still in their early days. Jean Müller chose as its basic activity the development of fuses. Since 2000 Jean Müller has been represented in New Zealand by EMF Industrial Ltd. In March 2011 EMF Industrial became Jean Müller NZ Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of Jean Müller GmbH.